District Property Use

To be filled out for all uses of District Property

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    NO CONFETTI OF ANY KIND IS PERMITTED TO BE USED. IF USED YOUR $500 CHECK WILL BE KEPT BY DISTRICT The sponsor of any affair using District property will be the person responsible for the adhering to of all the rules set forth below: A. That the Affair Form be properly filled in. We will not be responsible for any omissions that might occur due to this form not being completed. B. The facilities must be returned in the same condition as found, for instance, chairs and tables stacked and put away. NOTE: “NO SMOKING OR VAPING ALLOWED ANYWHERE IN BUILDING". C. Any spills or accidental mishaps are to be cleaned up when leaving. D. All thermostat are to be turned down and lights must be turned off. E. All doors must be checked before the affair to make sure they are unlocked and must be relocked after the affair is concluded by the person/group holding Function. F. Any problems that cannot be corrected must be reported to the Manager in written form so after that they can be rectified as soon as possible. G. The member hosting the event MUST BE present. H. If liquor is to be served, the BARTENDER MUST BE TIPS CERTIFIED. Copy of TIPS Certification is needed no later than 14 days prior to event or NO alcohol will be served. I. Affair Form must be completed and returned NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS prior to event WITH $500 check payable to Dlx Hills Fire District and Separate check for $200 (the additional $100 cover sanitizing of the room) payable to Dix Hills Fire District. NOTE: CHECKS MUST BE FROM MEMBERS OWN CHECKING ACCOUNT plus certificate of Insurance for $1 Million Dollars naming the Dix Hills Fire District NOTE: ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE SUBMITTED TOGETHER WITH AFFAIR FORM, or permission for the event will be denied. DOES NOT APPLY TO FIREMATIC FUNCTIONS. J. All functions must end at 11:00 pm SHARP 1! unless prior approval is obtained from the Board of Fire Commissioners. All current mask, social distancing, and room capacity rules must be followed. K. I hereby have read and completed this form and agree to abide by all rules.